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CleanCredit - Trash is Cash

Services for Recycled Products Zero Waste EventsWaste Management Services

We provide end-to-end waste management services based on the principles of circular economy.

Recycled Products

Closing the loop by upcycling & recycling the waste collected into beautiful recycled products.

Zero Waste Events

Enabling companies & event managers across India to conduct zero waste exhibitions, events, and concerts.

Waste Management Services

Responsible & sustainable waste management solutions for bulk waste generators like corporate parks, universities, residential complexes .

CleanCredit - Trash is Cash

CleanCredit General Waste Collection Material Recovery FacilitiesRecycling Dry Waste

General Waste Collection

We offer a safe, reliable and environment friendly disposal of waste generated ensuring minimal disruption to your business

Material Recovery Facilities

The material recovery facility is a key component of waste management to maximize recycling and integral to our scheme for efficient and environmentally sound handling.

Food Waste Processing

In vessel processing, where naturally occurring micro-organisms are nurtured to decompose food waste in the i) presence of oxygen to give high quality compost ii) absence of oxygen to give biogas

Recycling Dry Waste

Recycling or reprocessing takes waste products and converts them into raw material for another manufacturing process, thus preserving precious natural resources. This encourages a “Circular Economy”


A mandatory liability for all Producers, Importers and Brand Owners sending out plastic into the retail market

Creating Plan of Action

A plan of action is created in order to ensure minimum waste generation along with the best sustainable solution.

Security Shredding CleanCredit

Our Secure Paper waste management service destroys all your confidential material, giving you complete peace of mind.